Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I have honestly missed blogging.

Facebook and Twitter just don't add up.

There is a joy in pressing the keys and seeing the words come to life on a blog with no limitations on the number of words I am allowed to express myself with.

I don't want to write for only "my friends" to read.

I want to send a message out to the universe...

Whatever the message may be...

Join me as I take the journey once again down bloggerville

The journey of my life

The journey of my joys

The journey of my sorrows

Welcome to my Life.

That'll Be All.


Harjee Kapur® said...

*All hail The Queenmatrai*

Jerrster said...

See just like a beautiful long did you pester me to get friends on FB? Now that I have YOU go back to BLOGGING? haha....honestly I miss it too. FB is so confining and now my whole family is on there and you know me and my twisted sense of humor...I feel trapped. I will soon join you back in the blogasphere. oxoxox

Queenmatrai said...

@ Harjee - That'll Be All

@ Jerr - Can't wait :)