Sunday, November 22, 2009

Doors are opening...
And I'm peeking through
The chilly draft gives me goosebumps
But the sunlit haven garden is sucking me in...

Oh Lord, help me make the right decisions.

That'll Be All.

P.S. Happy Sunday Funday


Ramit said...

(picks up cell phone and calls God)
(whispering into phone)
(serious conversation)
(hangs up & turns around & looks at you)

All done, God said he will take personal care of you and will indeed bless you to make the right decisions!

Good luck!

Queenmatrai said...

That was the sweetest comment ever :)

I just hope and pray that God is on good terms with you :)

Ramit said...

Oh, he sure is! :)

Queenmatrai said...

Pass on a good word about me :)