Friday, January 15, 2010

For Love you need to Leap.

It boggles my mind to imagine the guts it requires.

Are you willing to let go of everything including yourself?
Are you willing to open up that secret garden deep inside you?
Are you (wo)man enough to be strong enough for love?

Yet people everywhere fall in love.
I understand now why its calling 'falling in love'

That's what happens after you take the 'leap'

That'll Be All :)


sulagna said...

its surprising how that smile comes abck to your lips when you do something for the other one..a simple getsure of returning home early,a little yellow post-it on the fridge,a reminder on his cell phone saying"mmuaah"

Yeah its takes times and efforts,but so totally worth :)

The Bald Guy said...

You finally got the lecture from the Queen Mother, didn't you?

Wicked Witch of the West said...

:) Yes to it all. :)

nil said...

Aww. God,Queen, loved this post,
hence it's 'falling' in love.
And yeah,it's all worth it.

So much love :)

Sorcerer said...

hmm...the end result of retrospection and introspection?

The Bald Guy said...

Enough suspense! Now out with it!

When is it?

We want invites, pictures, videos, details!

Yeah! :)

Suvodeep said...

This looks good! I like the direction in which her Majesty's headed :-)

The Bald Guy said...

Let's name the first prince after me!


The Bald Guy said...

And if she's a princess, add an 'a' to my name and you got her's!


Wicked Witch of the West said...

Ahem Bald Guy, once I do the religious scriptures for Cathism I will include some stories with suitable names that adherents must use (either that or give a short cut of my favourite names...and naturally they must be ones that I can actually pronounce without having to ask more than one person)

Wicked Witch of the West said...

And I am writing another one because I think that Bald Guy is a biiiiig cheat with all his multiple postings in a row :D So there, you :P

Queenmatrai said...

@ Fair Maiden - I love post it notes...Haven't got one in ages though...

@ Jester - No lecture...Just my frame of mind. And there is nothing yet to look fwd to. And No I shant be naming them after you :P

@ WW - :) Lets have a look at your list ;)

@ Nil - Thanks :) Glad you enjoyed reading it.

@ Sorcerer - Just introspection ;)