Sunday, January 24, 2010

I was flipping channels today when I came across one of my favourite movies...
Adding to my delight, one of the scenes that I enjoyed watching was on.

This is how the conversation went :
(The scene was in Italy with an Italian Man Marcello driving and the American woman Frances sitting in the car next to him)

Frances: Do traffic lights mean anythng around here?

Marcello: Sure. Green light - avanti, avanti. (Meaning Forward in Italian)

Yellow light - For decoration.

Frances: What about red light?

Marcello: Just a suggestion.

It got me thinking though. What if we don't take it so literally and use it in our lives.

When life gives us the Green light we should probably March on Forward like Marcello says - Avanti Avanti.

When life gives us the yellow light, treat it as a decoration and march forward anyway.

And when life doles out the red light, we have a tendancy to stop. Let's start treating as a suggestion as Marcello says and Avanti anyways...

That'll Be All


Suvodeep said...

That's a Great perspective abt life :-) I see you're already following it :-)

The Bald Guy said...

What movie was it?

That's so true. But I'd rather go along with my instinct. That helps me more.

sulagna said...

ohh you know what..i used the same technique for one of training sessions at IBM, called the etiquette Traffic :)

The fairest maiden feels elated that sometimes she thinks a lot like Her Royal Highness !!

Queenmatrai said...

@ Suvo - You are so right Avanti Avanti...

@ Jester - Under the Tuscan Sun

@ Fair maiden - Bask in the glory my fair maiden :)

Sorcerer said...

aye aye...queeny aye aye