Sunday, January 10, 2010

The last few days have been a whirlwind
Lots of work
Lots of social engagements
Lots of family engagements
Some were happy
Some were sad

But last night the King and I did something new
We took a trip down memory lane
And even though the trip down memory lane was seperate
We still shared it together

I guess thats what they call - 'Making Memories of Us'

That'll Be All.


nil said...

Glad you took a peak down the memory lane :) Its always nice to do that..
Hey,btw,who's the king?


...The Bald Guy said...

Oh yeah Queen Almighty. Answer the little girl. Who is the King?

We want to read the King's blog too, oh Queen Almighty.

Hey, I'm just the jester, don't kill me!

...The Bald Guy said...

* runs to the store with his head held in his hands for 'yet some more' Fevi Kwik to glue his struck off head back again. Yet Again.


Wicked Witch of the West said...

Yeah I wanna know more about the king too. All I know is his relative age. I need mooooore!

Walks down memory lane are nice...and nice to share together...good way to find out those little tiny bits of information that let you know each other just a little bit more, and fun as well.

nil said...

you got blog rolled in my blog :)

Sorcerer said...

nice one :)

sulagna said...

awww:) queen...this is one awww:) blog..i like the sound of "making memory of us"

*knocks on wood immediately*

Suvodeep said...

I'm sure King & your paths would've crossed sometime down memory lane :-) The wonder years :-)

Queenmatrai said...

@ nil - The King shall be spoken of from time to time and shall be revealed slowly through this blog. Thanks for the blog roll.

@ The Bald Guy - Thou art lucky not to have hair. Else each hair would be plucked as punishment for thy humour.

@ Wicked - I could not agree more.

@ Sorcerer - Thou art new in my Queendom. Welcome.

@The Fair Maiden - :) Stay Happy :)

@ Suvo - Yes they sure did :)