Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I hate to say this but I have been having nightmares the last few nights.
I woke up in a cold sweat two nights ago at 5 am and could not go back to sleep till almost half past seven.
I could not remember what the nightmare was about though.

Cut to last night.

I went to bed rather early read midnight.
And the nightmare started again...

This time it was alot more clear.

I found myself in an army camp of sorts.
And I have no idea what I was doing there.
But I saw alot of my friends there and we seemed to be divided into two camps.
I somehow got lost from my camp and was wandering around alone.

Then suddenly a war broke out in the camp and we were infiltrated by the enemy.
And there I was alone in the middle of the war with gunfire and grenades trying to protect myself.

I somehow managed to make my way to a barrack of sorts.


The barracks were these huge rectangular brick structures but with enormous french windows with the sunlight pouring in.

As I entered the barrack I was surprised to see that the curtains were all open but my team were all lying flat on their backs on the floor to protect themselves from being seen through the windows which were barely one foot off the ground.

I was quickly asked to lie flat on the ground but the only space available was at the far end of the room for which I needed to run across the open window area.

I jumped across the bodies and quickly lay down right next to the window and then the inevitable happened.

The enemy stood right outside my window with the barrell of his gun pointing straight at my head.

I froze.

Almost instantly we were in a crossfire. The other camp members were dressed in militarywear and there was firing all around.

And I woke up once more, in a cold sweat.

That'll Be All.


The Bald Guy said...

OMG! Scary!

Queenmatrai said...

Yeah it all seemed so real, it was :(

Sorcerer said...

aye aye!!
Roayl Nightmare for queen

anyway.thank god its a war dream not a dream of jester in tutu!

Queenmatrai said...

Merlin - Now that would be a real nightmare LOL

nil said...

Christ! Scaryyy!!

But Darling Queen,don't you worry. I'm sure you'r subconsciously unhappy or worked up about something. Cause at the end,dreams are psychological and play around with fears and desires of the mind... Cool down and think about it,okay?

Take good care
Your Nightingale.

Queenmatrai said...

You know thats the strange part Nil, I don't honestly think I'm subconciously unhappy at all...

The Bald Guy said...

Folks, it'd be a real privilege to see me in a tutu live!

Queenmatrai said...

Now for that the Queen might even fly the whole bench down to the Queendom :)

The Bald Guy said...

Lol! :P

Sorcerer said...

I want to be completely intoxicated till I see Rakhi Sawant on pink elephants ,before seeing that TUTU show.

Disguise said...

VERY scary.

The Bald Guy said...

Hope last night was better. No nightmares. :)

Queenmatrai said...

Sure was Disguise

Nope, last night was peaceful Jester :)

nil said...

@Queen: Really? Well..if it gets worse I think you should talk to the Queen and get some help,cause disturbing dreams can be very distracting.

Hope you dreamt better?

Sunder said...

this is saira!!! not sunder