Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Jester asked the Queen to honest scrap.
This is what she had to say...

i) The Queen cried while leaving the office yesterday after over five long years. The tears were brought on by a farewell song that was played as she made her final exit out of the office.

ii) As part of her farewell, she received a beautiful bouquet of pink roses with a beautiful message attached. This touched her heart. The Queen loves flowers.

iii) The Queen has insecurities that she needs to deal with. Believe it or not.

iv) The Queen is scared to sit in / drive a Maruti 800 or any such small car. This happened because of a bad car accident a few years ago.

v) The Queen loves sushi, fondue, escargot and other exotic food. The QueenFather taught her to eat it all as a child. He said it was important to acquire a taste for exotic food.

vi) The Queen will crack open a crab with her bare hands and wipe it clean. It's the only food she really enjoys eating with her hands.

vi) The Queen is obsessed with her hands and feet and will care for them for hours on end. She has also modelled her hands for advertisements.

vii) The Queen modelled her face for an advertising campaign once only to be told that she looked "too upmarket". The image was never used in the mass media and only in the brochures. This pissed the Queen off.

viii) The Queen belives in loyalty and has only worked for two organizations in her eleven year career. She claimed gratuity from both.

ix) The Queen loves blogging and would love to publish a book one day.

x) And for number ten, you ask the Queen a question and she will try and answer as honestly as she possibly can.

That'll Be All


Wicked Witch of the West said...

Wow, I am so jealous of the hands and feet thing...mine are hideous. And yes, you do look upmarket...but grr at them.

Hmm I want to think of a question for 10, but my brain is seriously failing now (kids, work, kids class, huge noisy dance for kids)...but I am sure Baldy will have a good one :)

The Bald Guy said...


The Bald Guy said...

The Bald Jester dare not question the Queen!


The Bald Guy said...

Oh and good luck for the freedom!

Suvodeep said...

When will u go to the burbs again :-)

The Bald Guy said...

Where art thou?

madsnow said...

only the queen can afford honesty :) welll u will look what u are right and trust me upmarket is not a bad thing at all I know a few who try desperately and fail :)

Sorcerer said...

Did someone quechen the queen?

WHeres the dragon when you need one.

haathi said...

o where, o where has the queen gone to?!

nil said...

Awesome! :D Nicely done! Very very honest.

But where have you beeeeeen!? My darling queen??