Friday, February 26, 2010

The one question every single person asks me on a regular basis is
"Aren't you frustrated sitting at home after working for so many years?"

And my answer is simply the same every time
"I love my own company"

That'll Be All :)))


nil said...

You rock, Queen!

Charu said...

LOVE that answer.

The Bald Guy said...

Well, we sort of love your company too.

Could you please get back to posting every morning like earlier?

CP said...

Hey Girl!

Long time, no see! I saw you stopped by my blog a week or so ago! How cool was that...a blast from the past!

How are things with you? What is going on in your world! Argh! We must catch up!

Take care!

haathi said...

thats so wonderful!
next week, i will be able to experience that bliss too, and then i will give everyone the same answer :D

nil said...

But where are youuuu?! Queen!?!