Monday, February 1, 2010

This post is brought to you by the number 10.

10 more days and I will be a free bird.

As you know a collection of ten years is called a decade.

I have spent the last decade working over two organizations.

Both have been absolutely wonderful to me and my career.

I claimed my Long Service Award and Gratuity from both companies.

But at the culmination of the decade, I decided it is time for some introspection into my own personal life.

It therefore amazed me to read that in Chinese astrology the 10 Heavenly Stems refer to a cyclic number system that is used also for time reckoning.

Wish me luck.

That'll Be All.


sulagna ™ said...

lady luck always stays beside the queen!!


The Bald Guy said...

Good Luck Queen!

When do I get my crystals back?

Queenmatrai said...

I have given out crystals today :)

The Bald Guy said...

Thank you Queen! :)

Sorcerer said...

Good luck *hic
Jab dil Bhee *hic tutu gaya...
tho.. * pee lenge.

Me wants crystal..*hic too
is it free?

Queenmatrai said...

You have to earn them Sorcy...But me thinks you have already earned a few in my Queendom.

Question is what should we make you in my court?

Any suggestions?

sulagna ™ said...

Can we call Sorci,rather can we title him as "The Witty Sorcerer" since he makes us laugh with his posts and also has the traits of a sorcerer..never discloses his real identity,is never seen lurking over life in sorrow,never seems to be at a loss of words and turns out posts by spoonfuls

Queenmatrai said...

That might just work my fair WISE maiden :) I might just give you more crystals for that if I decide to use it :)))

sulagna ™ said...

And the Fair Maiden is taking out her new pink satin and silver gauze gown with her pink heels to celebrate the new crystals...on a carriage drawn by 5 topless men with six packs and dimpled smiles and an overnight stubble !!!!


Queenmatrai said...

I am liking the dimpled smile :)

Sorcerer said...

*hic Is those cryshtal shtaken as collasheral *hic in world bank?

*hic How mush is it *hic worth against a boshttle of voshka?*hic

*hic Does theesh crystal holds Gwad Particls?

Queenmatrai said...

The power of the crystals will only be known once you reach a 100 :)))

Sorcerer said... that another term for viagra?

No tank you.(mallu ishtyle).
I want a

Banupriya said...

Good Luck thy honour...May your empire be filled with all wishes.

Queenmatrai said...

Thank you Banupriya :)