Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Change of Plan.

A bottle of Rose.

That'll be all


Crazy Diamond said...

sounds good too

haathi said...

i think this was a better call than a movie..

how was the momentary escape into another world ;)

sulagna ™ said...

hii Queen,sorry was MIA for the last few days..the husbands birthday celebration mad me take a 2 day break from work to recover **wicked**

when is the queens day?? ahh m excited too??and how is the King doing these days??

Queenmatrai said...

Strange, Blogger has eaten up two of my comments???

Queenmatrai said...

Thanks CD

FairMaiden - My comments seem to be getting eaten up by blogger today.
I see them on my phone but they don't appear online...


Happy Birthday Hubby..

The countdown to Queen's day is on :)
The King is well, thank you for asking. May just have to give you crystals for that :)