Saturday, May 22, 2010

Next week is the week of Birthdays in Queendom.

The Queen Father's English Birthday is on Tuesday.
As you all know, it's Queen's Day on Wednesday.
And Thursday is the Queen Father's Hindu Birthday.

Three Days of Celebration and Three Cupcakes for all of You.


That'll Be All


haathi said...

birthday weeks are such fun!

im back after my temporary off-the-grid phase.

APARNA said...

thank you for following me...


sulagna ™ said...

aww :) cuteness

The Bald Guy said...

Lucky Queen Father, has two birthdays!

Can I have two birthdays too please?

I'm the jester after all!

Oh and Happy Birthday Queen!

And Happy Birthday Queen Father!

The Bald Guy said...

Isn't the Queen's birthday a good time for the court people especially the poor jester to ask for a raise?


Queenmatrai said...

Welcome Back Haathi

You're welcome Aparna

Thanks Fair maiden

Jester - Shall think about it. As for the raise, come back I may have something else in mind for you :)))