Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm tired, hot and exhausted

I feel like I am melting away - physically and emotionally

That'll be all


The Bald Guy said...

Get better soon. We've known you to always bounce back in no time!

Hang in there. Things eventually work out for the best!

haathi said...

would you like some good goan calming juju sent your way? along with some goan hugs? and some goan sausages?

i hope you feel better soon. the rains might help :)

Queenmatrai said...

Thanks Guys,
Was going through a downer of a moment when I posted that blog.

As always, am better now :D

Sorcerer said...


*sorcerer reads the shocking news in her highness's blog.
*He sees the bats fly in the horizon

Queen is polar ice..personafied- he thinks

Queenmatrai said...

Ha ha polar ice :D