Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thinking back over the last year
- Its been over a year since I quit my job
- Its been almost a year since my dad was hospitalized
- Its been 5 months since my dad left the house
- Its been a fantastic year for the King and I - we're reaching our 2.5 year mark next month
- I have never been more involved in family matters
- I have grown more as a daughter in the last one year - actually I think I'm a better human being now
- I have much more value for money

But the one thing that has also helped keep my sanity is believe it or not is Zynga Cityville. 
Thank you Zynga and thank you all my neighbors out there.

That'll be all :)

1 comment:

sulagna ™ said...

captain charlie of choo choo engine sends his love through the fair maiden :)

**hugs **

welcome back queen :)